Liwa Desert safari at Abu Dhabi is a fantastic and mind blowing experience for tourist. As we offer various safaris like full day tour, overnight safari, Liwa Oasis tour, and many other adventures. The overnight desert safari is an extraordinary beauty, because you are viewing the entire desert from the summit and you are able to feel the touch of the moon light and star light sky. Book us as early as possible for this adventurous experience.

The Liwa Desert Safari is really an extra ordinary tour for any person who visit Abu Dhabi. After you go there you will feel that your dream has come true because of the varied experiences that you had there. Our desert safari tour includes a trip to the Liwa Dunes, enjoyment of the fantastic sceneries, stay at the desert, Dune drive, Camel trekking, Dinner and much more. If you wish to enjoy this adrenaline rush please contact us.

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